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The thrill of horse racing often involves placing a bet on your favorite horse. Whether it’s the name, the color or the number, here are some pointers to help you place a bet to maximize your winnings.

  • Win: Placing a wager on a horse to win. That horse must come in first for you to win the wager.
  • Place: Wagering on a horse to come in first or second place. You win the wager if the horse comes in the top two.
  • Show: Wagering on a horse to finish in first, second, or third. You win the wager if the horse comes in the top three.

Placing a win, place, or show wager is a great place to start if you are new to horse wagering. The minimum wager for a win, place, or show wager is just $2. Once you’ve mastered the win, place, and show, you can move on to more complicated wagering.

  • Exacta: An exacta wager is placing a wager on two horses to come in first and second. To win, the horses must come in that exact order. However, you can also box your exacta wager. If you box your wager, the top two horses can come in any order, and you will still win. It costs twice as much to box an exacta.
  • Quinella: A quinella wager is placing a wager on two horses to come in first and second in any order. The difference between a quinella and a box exacta is the cost. It costs more to place a box exacta, and the payout is typically bigger.
  • Trifecta: A trifecta is selecting three horses to finish in first, second, and third. To win, they must finish in that exact order. You can also box a trifecta wager. If your horses finish in first, second, and third in any order, you will win. However, it costs more to box your wager, but the payout is typically bigger.

Colonial Downs will give away two seats to the 2020 NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas at a qualifying tourney on Saturday, September 7. Contestants will have access to the 4th floor Ballroom (contest headquarters) and two adjacent Sky Suites. Entry fee is $500 per person (limit two entries per person). $200 of that will go toward prizes and $300 will be towards a live contestant bankroll. Contest races will be announced the week of September 7, but plans are to include all of Colonial’s card and late afternoon turf stakes at Belmont and Kentucky Downs. Colonial’s first post is 5PM, but some of the optional contest simulcast stakes could begin as early as 4PM.

Congratulations to William Wirth and Stephanie Davis, who won seats to the 2020 National Handicapping Championship in the Colonial Downs Handicapping Classic September 7th at the New Kent track. Here is the top 10 with their live money contest bankroll followed by prize money they won. We’ll see everyone again in 2020!

1 – William Wirth ($792.00) – won $4,480 & Vegas trip
2 – Stephanie Davis ($650.00) – won $2,240 & Vegas trip
3 – Stan Bavlish ($607.10) – won $1,120
4 – Spencer Caple ($582.50) – won $896
5 – Michael Teal ($557.00) – won $672
6 – Gary Mannion ($413.00) – won $560
7 – David Helon ($395.70) – won $448
8 – Mike Barone ($392.65) – won $336
9 – Tanni Teal ($385.00) – won $224
10 – Stan Bavlish ($369.00) – won $224


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