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Colonial Downs OTB Handicapping Series – Contest Rules

*Compete for thousands of dollars in betting vouchers and accumulate leader board points based on each week’s mythical bankroll/finishing position at 11 FREE qualifying contests between February 29 and July 25 at VA-Horseplay OTBs at Breakers Sports Grille (Henrico), Ponies & Pints (Richmond), Buckets Bar & Brill (Chesapeake), The Windmill OTB Sports Grill (Collinsville), and at the New Kent OTB at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium.

*Qualifying contests will be held every other Saturday at the 5 participating OTBs — February 29, March 14, March 28, April 11, April 25, May 9, May 23, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25. Complete a free contest entry before 3:00 PM on those contest days. Once entry is turned in, participants do not have to be present to win. One entry per person per site, per contest day. If a contestant visits more than one participating outlet on a qualifying contest day, they are eligible to win betting voucher prizes at each site. However, only points from their most productive contest entry will be applied toward their cumulative systemwide point.

*The top 3 finishers at each OTB qualifier will share $100 in betting vouchers ($50 for 1st place, $30 for 2nd place & $20 for 3rd place). In addition, participants will receive points based on where they finish (10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, 7 for 4th, 6 for 5th, 5 for 6th, 4 for 7th, 3 for 8th, 2 for 9th and 1 point for 10th place or lower). Accumulating contestant points will be tabulated/updated after each qualifying contest and posted at and at each participating OTB. The cumulative point totals will determine the ten participants that win a FREE entry (valued at $550) into the Colonial Downs Handicapping Classic on August 15 during live racing at New Kent.

*At the end of the final qualifying contest (July 25), the 10 contestants with the highest cumulative number of points (systemwide) will receive a FREE entry into the Colonial Downs Handicapping Classic. Entry prize is valued at $550 and includes a $300 live contest bankroll and $50 membership into the NTRA’s National Handicapping Championship Tour. The remaining $200 will be applied toward prizes. Thousands of dollars will be up for grabs and the top two finishers from that will receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas in February, 2021 with an entry/seat in the National Handicapping Championship — the country’s most prestigious tourney where the prize pool is expected to be $3 Million with a top prize of $800,000 (est.).


*In the event of a tie for any of the top three finishing spots in a weekly qualifying contest, betting voucher prize money for the tied spots will be totaled and split evenly among those contestants. For example, if two players tie with the highest mythical bankroll, the first & second place prize monies of $50 and $30 will be totaled ($80) and divided equally ($40 each). If the tie is for third place, those players tied will divide the third place prize of $20 prize equally.

*In regards to accumulated contestant points, the number of points rewarded from a tied position will be decided by the contestant that has the most number of winners from that day’s entry. If there is still a tie, all contestants in the tied position will receive an identical point total that is assigned to the spot they are vying for. For example, if three players end up with a mythical bankroll of $32.20 and that is the fifth highest bankroll that day at their qualifying site, they will each receive 6 points. The next highest bankroll would receive 3 points, since they will have finished 8th among contestants that day, and so on.

*In regards to a tie among contestants — once all qualifying rounds have been completed — that have the top 10 cumulative systemwide points (to determine who advances to the August 15 Colonial Downs Handicapping Classic), no tiebreaker will be needed unless it affects a contestant that finishes in 10th place or below since prizes 1-10 are all identical. Should one or more contestants tie for 10th, the tie breaker will be decided by the contestant that has competed on the most number of Saturdays (from the 11 qualifying rounds offered). If there is still a tie, the contestant with the three single highest weekly point totals from their qualifying Saturday rounds will advance.

*Double Point Opportunities. A different participating OTB will be showcased on each of the 11 qualifying contest days. Contestants that participate at the showcase site that day will receive double points. Instead of receiving 10 points for finishing 1st, 9 for finishing 2nd, etc., players that day for instance would receive 20 points for 1st place, 18 for 2nd and so on. The OTB showcase location will rotate evenly among the sites.

*Double Point Showcase OTB Dates:
Feb. 29 – Buckets
March 14 – Ponies & Pints
March 28 – Breakers
April 11 – Windmill
April 25 – Rosie’s New Kent
May 9 – Buckets
May 23 – Ponies & Pints
June 13 – Breakers
June 27 – Windmill
July 11 – Rosie’s New Kent
July 25 – Rosie’s New Kent (in conjunction with opening weekend of the live racing season)